LINX 8840

LINX 8840

Effortless to Use. Built to Last. Priced to Perfection

The LINX 8840 continuous inkjet coding unit provides up to 6-lines of code and prints at breathtakingly fast speeds. Operating the "Smartphone like" graphical interface is very intuitive and can be integrated with a custom cloud based IoT platform called LINX PrinterNet. 

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Key benefits

  • Print more code with up to 6-lines of text 
  • Print bar codes, QR codes, logos and variable font sizes
  • Straightforward message selection process with visual aids to minimize error 
  • One of the fastest print speeds in the industry with single line speeds of up to 450 m/min
  • Patented print-head design which is completely sealed and hence requires cleaning once in 3 months only! As a result, customers spend much less on wash solution
  • 8-hour reserve printing capacity even after fluid runs empty to minimize downtime
  • 3.5 ml per hour of solvent consumption (@ 20 degrees Celsius) ensures better ROI per solvent cartridge
  • Single part ink and filter change that lasts up to 13,000 hours / 18 months - No engineer needed for changeover!
  • Wide variety of pigmented, general purpose, food-grade, cold-storage and other specialized inks available for varied applications
  • Annual maintenance contracts have a single flat rate, no comprehensive AMC's required